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Tiny Giants is a multi-platform intellectual property incubator. The company creates and acquires well-established intellectual properties, develops them for extension across all media platforms, including film, TV, video, gaming, web-based content and publishing, and causes these media properties to be financed, produced and distributed worldwide.

The company is co-owned by eleven highly experienced, award-winning industry professionals, embracing every major entertainment sector, from creative property development to financing, production and distribution. Each team member has been responsible for many commercially successful projects, from film to TV series; from theme park rides to gaming. In addition, each team member brings to the company an extensive eco-system of top-tier industry relationships.



Stu is the creative lead behind Tiny Giants. A preeminent award-winning designer, director, writer and storyteller, Stu has created numerous original stories for film, TV, and gaming, many of which the Company will put into development. He has worked with some of the worlds leading entertainment companies including Disney, Cartoon Network, ITV, Nickelodeon, MTV, FOX, FX, and The LEGO Group.


Stu was also the founder of the digital animation studio Freakish Kid which, in the early ’00s, pioneered a digital 2D technique that excelled the studio’s reputation worldwide for high-quality animation.


He recently led a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a short film based on the art of well known ‘pop surrealist’ LA-based artist Luke Chueh. Stu is focused on developing the Company’s acquired I.P. into expanded story treatments and screenplays for film and other platforms (including the recently acquired NYT bestselling children’s book The Curious Garden).


Stu is represented by The Gotham Group.



Vicky is an Emmy nominated producer with 14 years of experience in development, live-action production, and animation production. She started her career as a writer/script reader and transitioned to production where she started in live action, working for a Danish television network.


She moved to the LEGO Group in 2011 where she worked in the company’s commercial division and later content development. She oversaw the production of numerous commercials as well as the animation production of shows such as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, LEGO Star Wars: All Stars and Friends: Girls On a Mission.



Mike's dual role within Tiny Giants utilizes his current role as producer on the Emmy award-winning TV series Bob's Burgers and his previous role at Walt Disney Television Animation. Mike also ran the Special Projects and Development department at Bento Box Entertainment where he produced pilots, one-offs, development, and web series.


During his tenure he produced a number of projects that became TV series along with multiple music videos: He developed and produced The Legends of Chamberlain Heights pilot for Comedy Central, The Biatches series for Comedy Central, The Paradise PD pilot and The Who Was pilot for Netflix. His music videos include the Pharrell Williams/Despicable Me 3 Yellow Light video and the Coldplay Aliens video. Mike also art directed the Bob's Burgers Live Stage Show and helped organize the Beef Relief charity event.


Before joining Bento Box, Mike worked for Walt Disney Television Animation where he produced many pilots that successfully transitioned to series including Fish Hooks, Gravity Falls, Tron, Motorcity, Kick Buttowski, Wander Over Yonder, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Star and the Forces of Evil, Pickle and Peanut, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, The Mickey Mouse shorts and others. 

Mihaly GaL

CO-FOUNDER & Producer

Mihaly is Tiny Giants' live-action producer with more than 15 years of experience in commercial, TV and film production.


He started his career as an editor/reporter and transitioned to production where he started in commercials, working for TBWA Budapest Advertising Agency as a Producer. 


He moved to the MID Atlantic Films in 2006 where he worked with the coordination and later with the production teams. He has participated in several film productions and TV series including Hellboy2, Season of the Witch, Hercules, Borgias, The Rite, Tyrant, Die Hard 5, The Martian, Robin Hood Origins and Gemini Man.

Mihaly is also heavily involved with the development slate of live-action feature films and TV shows within the company.



Danny handles the business development for Tiny Giants. Making sure the company grows and keeps the highest quality in development and content. His first industry job was making a Star Wars video game for developers Free Radical Design before moving on to Dead Space Extraction for Visceral Games / Electronic Arts, and other games such as Disney Universe, Goldeneye Reloaded, 007 Legends and Harry Potter for Kinect.


Danny's role as a senior artist soon put him in front of clients where his calm demeanor and ability to keep projects on a solid footing meant he became central to the bidding and planning phases and eventually to managing accounts for the LEGO group, Exxon Mobil, the BBC and world-renowned publishers Hachette. 


For the last 5 years Danny has worked in a variety of roles at Outpost VFX rapidly moving from a senior artist role to Producer, before securing a position on the Board of Directors and a role as company Managing Director. His responsibilities included devising strategies for driving sales growth, implementing new business initiatives, setting sales targets, negotiating sales contracts with customers and ensuring their profitability, working with the marketing team to produce material supporting pitches and securing large accounts, forming strategic partnerships with other companies, and also setting up internship programmes, apprenticeships and knowledge exchange sessions in order to benefit the expertise and skills of the internal team.


Danny's knowledge of production, creative, pipeline and client relationships means he excels in his role at Tiny Giants.


Creative Strategy & Marketing

Simon is an international award winner and heads up Creative Strategy and Marketing for Tiny Giants. He has worked with most of the biggest entertainment and high profile brands in the world. 


He’s been European Creative Director for Disney, Global Creative Director for NBC Universal, Creative Director for Addiction Worldwide, Bray Leino and Fleishman Hillard and was most recently Creative Content Director for TVC, an Economist Group Agency.


He’s made films for Jaguar Land Rover, Peninsula Hotels, Porsche, Maserati, Ralph Lauren, Montblanc, Tesco, EasyJet, Eurostar, Swarovski, Electrolux, B&Q, Russel Hobbs, Remington, Rimmel, O2, and many others.




For the past 20 years, Orsolya has worked within the live action and animation industries. She started her career working with the Golden Globe and Oscar-winning Producer/Director team behind the acclaimed film Son of Saul. She has worked on numerous live-action international commercials, many European co-productions and has had the fortunate experience to work alongside two of Hungary’s most prestigious filmmakers Károly Makk and Miklós Jancsó.


Orsolya was the studio manager of the Freakish Kid studio in Budapest where she produced, budgeted, scheduled and hired the necessary elements to keep the productions on time and budget. She was also responsible for the relationships with international clients that included MTV, FX, Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network.


Orsolya holds degrees in Communication and Media Studies, Cultural Management and Film/Video & Photographic Arts.



Composer, sound designer, music producer, performer and resident audiophile. Tom has collaborated and worked with some real legends: Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Salif Keita, Pharrell Williams and Minnie Ripperton to name but a few. Songwriting and producing music for a plethora of artists from a wide catalogue of styles has gone hand-in-hand with a twenty plus year career in scoring original music for films and television. From BAFTA winning live-action shorts to feature-length documentaries and a huge number of animated projects for most of the major networks including
the BBC, LEGO, FOX, Disney, Cartoon Network, CBS and Channel 4 Films.


Behind the scenes Tom also creates music for advertising of major brands including, amongst others, Star Wars, AXA and Hugo Boss. Soon to be launching the ultra high-end speakers
‘Cosmotron’ to the global market - exquisitely handcrafted loudspeakers cast from solid bronze.


Creator & Showrunner

Tommy oversees creative with Stu as they mould external and internal IP’s into entertaining, multi-platform properties. He started as an art director of campaigns and TV commercials at the LEGO Group and over the last 15 years he has worked his way through the company where he now resides in the development of concepts, toys, story and TV series.


Tommy is mostly a creator of high-level concepts, story worlds and a producer of animation, he also dabbles in script writing and concept design. If you are looking for high fantasy genre mashups, with deep lore, backstory and big ass weapons, he is your guy!


Having the fortunate advantage that he was once a 9 year old boy himself, he now uses this life lesson to create humorous, emotionally engaging and action-filled adventure tales for kids of all ages. 


Past and current endeavours include the creation and production of the LEGO TV series: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjiztu, Legends of CHIMA and NEXO Knights.



Mark brings his talent for screenwriting to Tiny Giants. He's been a producer/story editor/showrunner on a myriad of shows: Netflix/Anima’s Legend Quest; LEGO’s Nexo Knights; Sony’s Heavy Gear; Disney XD’s Combo Ninos, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and many others.


His live-action work has included many episodes of Power Rangers, including being a staff writer on the first three seasons of the show. He also wrote the Activision game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and created/developed/wrote the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue video game. He worked on staff at Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, and Saban to name a few and his writing has included live-action, animation, theme park attractions, books, and film.


Mark has authored several children’s books published by LEGO and related to the Nexo Knights’ franchise.  He's also a stand-up and improv comedian and has a black belt in
Tae Kwon Do.



Mark brings his decades-long expertise in story structure and screenwriting to Tiny Giants. He is an award-winning author, screenwriter and international journalist. Published by Penguin Random House, his best-selling novels have been translated into multiple languages and have been published across the world - UK, US, Japan, Australia and the Commonwealth and throughout Europe. He’s written 28 novels, mostly under his own name, but some under his historical fiction pseudonym James Wilde. He’s an accredited The Times Top Ten Bestseller.


As a contract writer for BBC Drama, Mark has written 26 hours of produced work. He’s currently developing returning series for Hartswood Films, Lionsgate, and two with Jed Mercurio executive producing for Hat Trick Mercurio. 


In recent times, he has developed other series for the BBC, Clerkenwell and Keshet. Mark is a two times winner of the British Fantasy Award and as a journalist, he’s worked on major stories across the world for leading publications, including The Times, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph.



Jonathan’s role within Tiny Giants focuses on identifying and developing IP, as well as leading sales, and distribution efforts. As a 15-year veteran in media and entertainment, he has shown impressive success maximizing international revenue and profits, both on the corporate and project level.


His relationship with Korda Studios in Budapest, Hungary, gave him a platform to realize the savings and incentives of production in the CEE region. As a longtime executive at Focus Features International, Jonathan oversaw all aspects of the FFI business, including finance, financial operations, strategy, and distribution of the FFI library of Focus produced and third-party films. After segueing to a producer role he executive produced Season 2 of CBS series Ransom, in partnership with eOne, and Co-Produced features Archive, for Independent Film Co and SAS Red Notice.

In 2018 Jonathan founded Hero Squared Productions in Budapest, Hungary, through which he produces film, tv, and commercial content. He holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.



Edward’s twenty-year media career has spanned television, film, animation and interactive venues for numerous vertically integrated media giants including Warner Brothers, Sony
Pictures Imageworks and Disney Interactive Media Group.


Beginning with indie production projects, he worked in diverse production areas including scripting, storyboarding, animation, VFX, editing, motion capture, Augmented Reality production, as well as in digital producing.


His most recent work as Project Manager/Product Manager at Crytek, Frankfurt has focused on the software and product development of Film Engine, a proprietary, integrated platform for virtual production film workflow, e.g. real-time compositing, motion capture, D.I. & rendering.


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