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In the backwoods of colourful, musical Louisiana, hidden by acres of bush and marsh lies the wondrous swampy home of GATOR, NEWT and RIBBS. Three lovable, mischievous friends that love to play, explore and build new thingies! From the moment of discovery to the point where they solve their problems the Swampies create, build, recycle and play their way through their day!

Swampies is a character-driven show for the pre/bridge school and wider audiences that aims to teach the need to recycle in a fun and slapstick fashion.


Taking the route of using enjoyment and entertainment to teach and show instead of force-feeding the audience to understand. Using fun and humour to fuel the need to ask questions of ‘why’ the characters do the things they do. It’s also a show that aims to make its audiences laugh at the situations the characters stumble into over the course of each story. Taking inspiration from classic Looney Tunes cartoons and the old silent movies of Chaplin and Buster Keaton Swampies will be light, fun and full of an escalating physical comedy and chaos.

SWAMPIES - Building a cleaner, greener, better world!


Grief Encounters is a CGI animated short film that brings to life the art of renowned pop-surrealist, Luke Chueh. A story of creator versus creation and all the pain and anxiety it costs to breathe life into any form of art.

But what happens when the art doesn't really understand it's being created? What happens when the art defies the limitations of its world and wants to break free of the chains that trap it?

Grief Encounters shows you what happens when your creations don't always turn out as you planned. 

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